After the end of World War II, my grandfather Pietro bought a wide property in Bertinoro which included a 3 hectares vineyard estate, planted with Sangiovese and Albana. The terroir was great and the grapes were excellent, but sometimes a few vines turned dry: when that happened Pietro, being a nostalgic, true Sicilian man, used to plant an olive tree in that small spot. He dreamt of growing a big olive grove.

I ended his dream in 1992, when I replanted all the vineyards and even made them larger. I started from zero but my determination helped me overcome many situations: I definitely wanted to produce great wines. One of the biggest challenge was exactly framing all those olive trees among the geometric spin of small “Alberello” vines (Bush system). The vines rows were sometimes wider and sometimes narrower, or even interrupted, but I have been keeping the olive trees for decades.
Currently the Property extends over 14 hectares (35 acres) of vineyards, which I keep on cultivating with commitment and passion, together with my four daughters, especially Miranda, with whom I produce several thousands bottles of Sangiovese and Albana and … a very small quantity of olive oil. Giovanna

Bertinoro is a medieval village located between the Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo heights and the lower Po Valley. As the village overlooks the Adriatic sea, vineyards benefit from the sea breeze, which gives the local wines great perfumes. For its strategic position, Bertinoro is known as the “Romagna Balcony”, besides being “City of Wine” and the “Hospitality Town”. Here is where we live and take care of our vineyards, preserving native wines and restoring the ancient form of “Alberello” (or bush) system. We grow organically and we make sure to respect nature.