Our production is entirely artisanal. We carefully select every bunch of grapes in order to obtain high quality wines. We personally follow every step of production: from vineyards care, through the winemaking process, to the marketing. We are associated to the “Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers”.
We process our grapes in the fermentation cellar, by keeping the different clones separated, without the controlled use of temperature, trying to use as little sulphites as possible and favouring spontaneous fermentation and long maceration. We bottle, on site, 60,000 bottles per year.
Then wines refine for a long time in the ancient underground cellar (dating back to the 1700s), where the tradition of wood and concrete mixes with modern steel tanks.
We mainly produce wines from native grapes, such as Romagna Sangiovese DOC in its Superior and Riserva “Bertinoro subzone” versions, and Albana DOCG, both dry and passito.
Our passion for art and creativity expresses in our labels drawings, which are made by Mr. Altan, a famous Italian cartoonist, and in our wine’s names: each one of them reveals a story.


Our vineyards extend over 14 hectares (35 acres) on the ridge of the beautiful hill of Montemaggio, in Bertinoro, the heart of Romagna Wine District. In 1992, following meticulous studies and clone selection, we renovated our vineyards and planted the new vines at an altitude between 250 and 350 meters above sea level, with a density of 7000 plants per hectare, low yield per vine, restoring the ancient Alberello (bush) system, nowadays not so common anymore.
The composition of Bertinoro’s soil is very perculiar and it is called “spungone”, a highly calcareous rock which gives wines great recognition, elegance, marked sapidity and excellent aging capacity.
In the field, after having followed the parameters of “Advanced Integrated Fight” for a long time, with maximum attention to the least possible use of pesticides, we are now organically run, currently waiting for certification.

Established: 1992
Miranda Poppi and Giovanna Madonia
Gennaro Cirillo
Stefano Dini and Dario Ceccatelli
Leonardo Conti and Attilio Pagli
Production volume: 60.000 bottles
Vineyards Acreage: 35 acres, organic plantation