Romagna is a warm and welcoming land, with beautiful landscapes and great food and wine traditions.

Bertinoro, an ancient medieval village, is a rare and precious jewel that encloses within its walls everything you can appreciate in Romagna: from the walks through the cobbled streets, heading to the ancient and majestic Rocca (the Castle), which now hosts the Interreligious Museum and the University Centre, to the cycle-tourist routes, to the spas and wellness centres, to the captivating culinary experiences.
Piadina of Romagna, homemade pasta and all the gastronomic specialties are accompanied by the true protagonist of this ancient village: wine. In Bertinoro, wine is called “e Bé”, the drink, meaning that wine is the only drink possible. The most characteristic wine, grown only on the hills between Imola and Cesena, is Albana, the first Italian white wine to obtain the D.O.C.G. Albana expresses our land’s traditions, flavors and golden colors. The Sangiovese di Romagna Historical Reserve is located in the panoramic square of Bertinoro: since 2011, wines of the most representative producers of the entire Romagna area are preserved in that special place.

Bertinoro’s vineyards cover entirely the hilly soil and grow on a peculiar terrain that gives the wines unique sensations, the Spungone. This spongy rock is dated back to 3 million years ago and it is a particular type of limestone of organic origin, formed in the seabed before the emergence of Romagna’s surface, and it is made by shells and fossils fragments combined with calcareous cement. Therefore, prehistory mixes with the winemaking traditions of our farm, the peculiarities of the territory and the enviable climate of Romagna, to give life to precious vineyards, intergrown with olive trees and woods and so gifting our products with a unique and recognizable value.